April Ott

Senior Director of Key Accounts

Kendall Walker

Senior Director of Client Services

Candice Scott

Chief Marketing Officer

Stephanie Summerlin

Director of Media Planning & Buying​

Timothy Gonzalez

Director of Information Technology

Dave English

Senior Digital Strategist

Melissa Temling

Director of Social Media​ & Influencer Engagement

Keri Fabiano

Director of Media Operations


Senior Front-End Developer

Ben Sperduto

Senior Content Strategist

Alex Baker

Senior Account Executive

Chris Williams

Senior Creative Services Specialist

Jeremy Hunt

Email Production Specialist

Chyna Carter

Operations Coordinator

Kelly Clark

Account Executive

Our Agency Story & Culture

In 2007, career-creative Michael Westafer decided he’d had enough. Enough with Tampa marketing agencies doing just enough to get by. Enough with brand specialists spending hours talking about work and not actually doing the work. Enough with digital marketing companies bragging about mediocre results. One home equity loan and a whole lot of bravado later – Roger West was born. Fueled by digital marketing experts and creative renegades, the Roger West of today is defined by our drive to do more for our clients.

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Our Mission & Values

Roger West is more than a safe haven for freedom-loving, hard seltzer and whiskey drinking marketing pros of the world. It’s a place where we can all come together to learn, create and work towards a common goal without fear of judgment (or bad kerning).

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Basking in our Triumphant, Award-Winning Glory

We’re not in digital marketing for the riches and fame. We’re in it for free tacos, production meetings and whiskey Fridays. Still, it’s nice to feel appreciated. Here are some of the awards we’ve received over the years.

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